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Éva is committed to the concept of learn by playing, and as urban planner and former cheif architect of Budapest, she is determined to organize an urban summer camp every year. The children enjoy the exciting experience of learning in a system based on exploration, analysis and creation, with lots of fun and team building games. Éva always finds places in the city that you can not visit on a regular basis, but the children of her camps may enter (for example the bridge structure of Erzsébet bridge, the metro stations while they were under construction, etc.) Exploring the city by a treasure-hunter game with unique maps is memorable and joy way of sightseeing, understanding urban patterns and hidden curiosities without even noticing the "learning" itself.

On workshops and open discussions they are developing together the basic terminology of built environment, the city and the architectural and environmental values. The weeks are spent with the mixture of conversation, creative work and sport activities, and concludes to an exhibition of the week for the parents, teachers, any everybody who is interested. We are looking forward to the Adventurous Budapest Summer Camp in 2016!

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