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On our monthly scientific teaparty (presentation and open discussion afternoon about the ongoing researches within ABUD) in June our guest Pioneers highlighted their recent research topics. At the same time, we took the opportunity, and made a quick interview with them, asking about their experiences in our ABUD-world.

Alexandra Lacatusu held her presentation in the subject of biomimicry, giving a short introduction of the field itself, and highlighted the architectural applicability. While working on our Biodome project, she brings exciting ideas and principles from this subject, and analyses the opportunities in engineering.

Why did you choose ABUD while you were looking for your Host company?

I chose to apply to ABUD firstly because of the firm’s experience with sustainability and its relation to architectural design. What caught my attention the most and made me interested in joining the team was the Zoo & Botanical Garden project which I found on the ABUD’s website and the possibility of working within a creative environment where innovative ideas are an important part of the design process. What convinced me was the quote Buildings don’t use energy: people do that I saw in the picture you have on the contact page. This was because it aligned to the way I think about architecture and the built environment and I thought then that anyone who would paint that on their office wall must up to good things.

How do you see ABUD now, from the inside, is it different than expected?

Working here exceeded my expectations from several points of view. I liked the fact that the firm is research-driven with a special focus on environmental design while also focusing on the team member’s careers and personal development through events such as the scientific tea party that I’ve attended, group webinars, participation at conferences together and the fact that team members are encouraged to continue their studies and professional development. And these are just a few facts I was pleasantly surprised to find out about in less than a month. I also liked the people in ABUD, their energy and capacity to think creatively about design in a structured manner. Moreover, I felt that my work and  my ideas were understood and appreciated here and that is a really nice feeling to have, especially when this appreciation comes from friendly, creative people who are certified professionals in your field.

What do you think, what will you take with yourself from ABUD after the placement? 

What I’ve learned at ABUD is how to apply structured creativity into my own work in order to bring a design vision closer to reality. Dia and Andras were very helpful with this and their feedback was always constructive. Besides the analytical skills and tips, working here gave me the energy I needed for further research and development into biomimetic design and the confidence that this approach is actually appreciated and maybe even needed within the sustainable design work environment. In the end, what I will take home with me is a beautiful experience, lots of energy, perhaps some new friendships and who knows? Maybe some future collaboration opportunities. So thanks! 😀

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