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It was a pleasure to attend Future-conscious Architecture on the 8th of April, organized by BÉK (Budapest Chamber of Architects) and Építészfórum as part of the 40th International Building Trade Exhibition, CONSTRUMA. Two of our consultants, María Francisca Tapia and Viktor Bukovszki presented at the sustainability focused event, showcasing the unique and holistic sustainability approach at ABUD.

Francisca spoke about Green and blue infrastructure for climate adaptation, introducing an integrated approach and functionalities between green-blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions. Through examples and cases studies, she described principles and recommendations for strategic and upscaling planning in urban environments. 

Viktor’s presentation, Synergies in analytic and empirical approaches to data-driven urban design introduced 8 different ways knowledge can be extracted from urban data beyond the buzzwords of big data and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the presentation argued that each method has a distinct role and used case studies to showcase these roles. 

Besides meeting key figures from the industry, the ABUD Team was delighted to exchange views with the event’s keynote speaker, Paula Cadima DiplArch AA PhD, Director of the MArch+MSc Sustainable Environmental Design at the Architectural Association.

Our heartfelt thanks to the organisers for such an insightful and professional conference.


Photos: BÉK / Viktor Kádár

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