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 Construction Industry 2022 Conference

The ABUD team was delighted to attend Construction Industry 2022 Conference on 26th April, where our CEO, Dr. András Reith participated in a panel discussion titled “Engineering challenges and solutions in the new world”. The session focused on the most pressing challenges of the construction industry today.

The discussion started off by presenting current industrial challenges in Hungary and ways to make cost planning more efficient and exact, delineating the intricacies between stakeholders. Panelists were also asked to share their views about future of the industry, i.e., their views on adjusting to recent environmental regulations and reusing building materials, or even whole buildings. András Reith explained why he believed we need a paradigm shift and turn towards renovations instead of new construction.

Knowing that we are at a tipping point with climate change and there is no other way but to change our current trajectory; similarly, apprehending the immense pressure we exert on our environment via the construction industry, we strongly believe that we need to stop building new buildings. Let’s end new construction and focus on making liveable what we already have!


Photos: Portfolio Conferences

Panel discussion titled “Engineering challenges and solutions in the new world” at Construction Industry 2022, organized by Portfolio Conferences

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