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On our monthly scientific teaparty (presentation and open discussion afternoon about the ongoing researches within ABUD) in June our guest Pioneers highlighted their recent research topics. At the same time, we took the opportunity, and made a quick interview with them, asking about their experiences in our ABUD-world.

Mihály Kálóczy brought an example from the field of applied science: he explained the background-physics of remote sensing, and presented a showcase of its various appliances, for example in the field of environmental protection, and a very practical case, when the technology is used for filtering out the misusers of land-subsidy.

Why did you choose ABUD while you were looking for your Host company? 

Well, since I have finished my environmental studies, I have been very interested in sustainable, environmental conscious building and urban development. When I had the opportunity to choose a host organization, ABUD seemed to be progressive company with open minded leadership. That was the first place on my list and thankfully I have been chosen.    

How do you see ABUD now, from the inside, is it different than expected? 

There is more work than I expected 🙂 I enjoy it, the collegues are friendly, the atmosphere is great, and they are definitely good at their job, although they are in a rush period. I am allowed to be involved in their work and I also can help them by transferring my knowledge. I could learn much more from them, if I had more time here.   

What do you think, what will you take with yourself from ABUD after the placement? 

Now I have an impression of their strategic way of thinking regarding architectural or other kind of investments. I came from the public sector, thus I can learn a lot about the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of business sector. They are two totally different worlds 🙂

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