We believe that sustainability can only be reached through holistic and conscious design.

We have promoted sustainable design for more than 15 years as individuals. Our specialist expert team was first established in 2008 as a department of the former Mérték Architectural Studio. Over the past decades, we have been involved in several projects either as sustainability consultants, researchers or façade specialists. During these years, we have placed special attention on the ongoing maintenance and deepening of our knowledge. Thanks to these efforts, we can provide a wide range of state of the art services in building and urban energy engineering and environmental design.

We offer services from the conceptual planning phase to the realisation of a project, for project sizes from a detached house to urban concepts. Apart from designing new buildings in an environmentally-friendly way, we see a great challenge in the green refurbishment of existing buildings.

Besides the commitment to engineering and our unique expertise, our main motivation in work is our faith and personal mindset. We believe that our work not only meets interests and aesthetical expectations of our clients but also serves the sustainable development of our environment. This belief and commitment drives us in European and global research projects working towards new directions and possibilities.

We actively cooperate with scientific and professional organisations that support the worldwide promotion of sustainable construction. We believe that every location is special with a unique history, inhabitants and climate to which we have to adapt and humbly find the perfect solution for people living there. This is why we work and train ourselves continuously: to contribute to a more sustainable world by the means of innovation.


Our team reflects our holistic approach: empowered by engineers, architects, sociologists, data scientists, climate experts and researchers, we have the capacity to thoroughly overview each project, from the building material to its future residents. 

András Reith


MSc. Arch. & Build. Eng. (BME)
MSc. ClimaDesign (TU-Munchen)
Vice-president of the Budapest Architect Chamber
Former president of Hungary Green Building Council


Dr. Andras Reith is the CEO and founder of ABUD. As an active architect and researcher, he has promoted sustainable design for two decades. His special fields of expertise are Integrated Design Process, ClimaDesign®, specialised façade design, design and consultancy of Net-Zero energy developments, and design in accordance with LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.

As a passionate mountaineer and a mentee of the renowned architect Prof. Thomas Herzog, he dedicated himself to sustainable design from the very beginning of his career. After gaining international experience in Germany and Spain, he became partner at MERTEK studio, one of the first and most influential advocates of sustainable architecture in Hungary.

Andras is an expert reviewer of the fifth report of UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), a leading author of the Climatic and Energy Concept of the Budapest Urban Development Concept, and the former president of the Hungary Green Building Council. He has been an invited speaker at several universities.

Adrienn Gelesz

Partner, COO, senior consultant, currently on maternity leave

MSc. Arch. & Build. Eng. (BME)
Urban and Facility Building Energy Engineer
LEED Accredited Professional
BREEAM International Assessor
BREEAM in Use Auditor

With a background in low-energy, integrated building design, Adrienn became one of the first Hungarian experts in sustainable building certification, active also internationally. Apart from her significant impact on introducing green building assessments to the Hungarian building sector, she also promoted the adaptation of LEED and BREEAM requirements to local practices.

Adrienn’s strength lies in project management, provided by her remarkably logical approach to design processes. She is also an expert in building energy modelling, originating from her passion for researching the performance of double skin facades.

She believes that the key to a sustainable building is it being user-friendly with accessible interfaces, which can be achieved by thoughtful design.

Orsolya Birtalan

Operations Manager

MSc. Arch. & Build. Eng. (BME

As ABUD’s Project Manager, Orsi is responsible for driving efficiency across capabilities, client needs and team competencies. She is a key member of the company’s executive team, playing a leadership role in areas including proposals, client contracts, finance, delivery, project management. Orsi has proven to be an excellent mediator, guiding parties with diverse professional background and interest to a mutual understanding.

Ágnes Jeszenszky


MSc. Economist

As Financial Analyst and EU Grants Coordinator, Ági plays a crucial role in the preparation of the general and grants-related decision-making processes. Her main responsibilities include the monitoring and assessment of all operating accounts, preparation of financial reports, coordination of financial closing and providing financial analytical support.

Ági also strengthens the company’s R&D division by coordinating the grant making process from application stages to project conclusion, preparing reports and other documents for internal and external reporting in compliance with the financial and regulatory requirements of the European Union and working on general administration and financial tasks. Ági always pays attention carefully to every small detail: with her on the board, business administration is in safe hands.

Julia Oravecz

Innovation Manager

MSc. Design Management (MOME)

Julia oversees the innovation strategy and initiatives within the company. She is dedicated to sustain and nurture the innovation culture by comprehensive idea and talent management, including project incubation, managing international R&I cooperations and monitoring funding opportunities. She is also responsible to support lean management processes from project to organizational scale.

Lilla Zelovich

Office Manager

MSc. MA Philosophy (PTE)
BA Liberal Arts (PTE)

As ABUD’s Office Manager, Lilla aims to create a liveable workplace and ensure smooth operations in the office for the sake of the well-being and productivity of the team. Her main responsibilities as Office Manager include implementing and maintaining office administrative systems and procedures, databases and filing system management, monitoring of working hours, organization of meetings and events, organising travels, both domestic and national, and liaising with IT support team. She acts as first point of contact, deals with correspondence and phone calls, manages diaries, and organises appointments. Lilla brought a new shade of sustainability into ABUD by having a deep understanding of the concept of ‘ethics of care’, applied in environmental ethics and politics.

Melinda Orova

Senior Consultant

MSc. Architect (BME)
Building Energy Engineer

Melinda is a senior consultant in energy efficient building design, mainly involved in LEED and WELL building certification and R&D projects, but her work also includes Life Cycle Analysis for BREEAM projects. Her qualification as a Building Energy Engineer led her to a deeper understanding of the rationale of green building certifications.

In NewTREND H2020 research project her main responsibility was the coordination of demonstration sites in Hungary, Finland and Spain. Her scientific research encompasses the comparison and evaluation of neighbourhood sustainability assessment systems, development of KPI systems, and the definition and characterisation of smart city, and its role in building energy refurbishments.

In spite of her broad range of interest, her work points to one definite direction: the evidence-based sustainable transformation of built environment. In her point of view, the ideal city serves the community – and numbers can help us achieve this.

In StepUp, her main responsibility is the coordination and the development of the project’s deep renovation methodology. Furthermore, she coordinates the pilot building renovation processes in Hungary, Spain and Scotland.

Olga Péteri

Senior Consultant

MSc. Architect (BME)
BREEAM AP & International Assessor

As senior consultant, Olga is responsible of leading BREEAM certification projects, providing consultancy, carrying out assessments both in design and construction stage. She is also involved in Life Cycle Analysis of buildings, and the development of urban scale climate strategies.

Her strong drive to support sustainable values in architecture originates from her voluntary work in socially responsible architecture. Participating in the reconstruction works in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake and in several social building projects in Hungary made her realize the potential of architecture in the fight against climate change.

Her constant tranquillity brings consistency to every project she leads.

Bálint Fleisz

Senior Project Manager

MSc Environmental Engineer

Bálint is a value-driven project manager, coordinating complex projects in close partnership with his teammates. At ABUD, Bálint is responsible for the management of urban climate strategies and R&D projects.

With over a decade of experience in coordination of infrastructure developments and experiments in climate innovation, Bálint leads every project with a strong commitment to make a positive impact on our environment. His passion for education, coaching and science communication is paired with excellent motivational skills, which makes him an essential asset in citizen and stakeholder engagement processes. His strength lies in synchronizing the viewpoints and interests of different actors and creating facilitative processes to reach a common understanding and goal.

In accordance with his love for teaching, he is always eager to learn new things. He believes that a sustainable change starts with the transformation of our mindset and our understanding of happiness.

Rebeka Dóra Balázs

Senior Consultant

MSc. Architect (BME)
MA Sociology and Social Anthropology,
Global and Urban Studies Specialization (CEU)

With a multidisciplinary background in architecture, sociology and social anthropology,

Rebeka ensures the social sustainability of our projects. As an R&D consultant and project coordinator, her daily work includes designing participatory processes, monitoring occupant behaviour, and stakeholder analysis and involvement.


Before joining ABUD, Rebeka conducted a long-term, empirical research on participatory planning, aiming to decrease the gap between theory and practice in the field. She has also worked in construction coordination of a non-governmental social housing initiative.

She believes that a better understanding of the social impact of built environment and the conveying of this knowledge to practitioners is the guarantee of spatial justice.

Viktor Bukovszki

Senior Consultant

cand. techn. Urban Design (Aalborg University)
BSc Architectural Engineer (YBL)

As a consultant at ABUD, Viktor’s responsibility is to initiate, develop and coordinate R&D projects in the field of urban digitalization, social production of space, and institutional technologies.

He studied in Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria in the fields of architectural engineering, sustainable urban transformation, mobility, and meta-architecture. Viktor has a research profile in science and technology studies, with a wide range of applications, such as energy communities, nature-based solutions, and smart cities.

At ABUD, he participated in projects such as the development of SmartCEPS data-driven urban planning platform, or E-Co-Housing sustainable social housing project.

Javed Iqbal


Energy Analyst Expert, Consultant,
Representing ABUD in India
Tech Energy & Environmental Engineering
ECBC Master Trainer
BEMP Certified

Javed Iqbal is an internationally experienced sustainability and energy efficiency consultant, building performance diagnostics expert and GBCI LEED reviewer. He has a deep understanding of industrial system operations and optimisation through advanced energy modelling tools.

As an accredited LEED AP, he successfully implemented over 35 projects, including the first LEED Gold Office Building in both Tanzania and South Africa, and Building Mechanical Design Optimisation for the largest industrial facility, 1 million m² in Central Europe. Javed has broad experience in energy auditing to enable rational decision making in implementing post occupancy building performance optimisation measures in government, industrial and commercial buildings.

Javed is a self-driven professional, always eager to explore and learn. He believes in common sense solutions and that even a simple good decision can lead to a huge positive environmental impact.

Anna Gaál


BSc. Environmental Eng. (BME)
MSc. Mechanical Modelling Eng. (BME)

Anna is engaged in WELL and BREEAM certification projects in the design and construction stage with an experience in environmental engineering and HVAC modelling.

During her BSc and MSc studies, Anna expanded her theoretical and practical know-how in various fields, such as hydrodynamics, water quality measurement and energetics. In her MSc Thesis, she was dealing with the complex matter of waste management systems that resulted in an LCA-based comparison of four EU countries. Anna acquired broad experience in using various modelling software, by working in team-projects such as the optimisation of wind turbine blades and telescopes.

Anna likes to look at challenges with new perspective, always approaching them with a child’s enthusiasm.

Ábel Magyari


MSc. Architect (BME)

As a consultant and project manager at ABUD, Ábel works both on urban scale R&D projects and building certifications. His main research interests lie in urban scale energy modelling, plus energy neighbourhoods, distributed infrastructures and energy communities.

In his theses work, Ábel designed a sustainable cricket farm in synergy with the neighbouring purification-plant and horticulture market. During his university years, Ábel spent his first professional internship at ABUD. While acquiring more and more experience in the management of BREEAM certifications and in understanding building community processes, he decided to invest his special expertise in a Danish automatized and modular cricket farming start-up.

Ábel’s strength lies in identifying patterns in big datasets, his interdisciplinary approach and high level of stress-tolerance. He believes that the keys to sustainable transformation is resource optimization and education.

Francisca Tapia


PhD Student, Faculty of Architectural Engineering, University of Pécs
MSc Building and Architectural Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
BSc Architecture, Urban and Building Design, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador

With a background in nature-based and green infrastructure solutions, Francisca brings an ever-important sustainability approach into our research team. As a sustainability consultant, she mostly works on the integration of nature-based solutions and micro-climate analysis into our projects, furthermore she investigates the possible combinations of renovation and green infrastructure.

Her master thesis and research internship at EURAC Research Institute investigated the greening impact on urban – microclimates and the implementation of green roofs in industrial areas such as Bolzano South (Italy). Currently, her PhD research field is Nature based Solutions assessment and monitoring.

Laura Hurtado Verazain

Junior Consultant

MSc. Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management (University of Manchester and Central European University)
BSc. Environmental Engineering (Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University)

Laura is an essential part of ABUD’s research department, especially the projects related to energy efficiency in buildings, environmental policy analysis and design and governance models. As a Junior Consultant, she takes part in various project phases of our diverse research portfolio.

Thanks to her combined background in engineering and social sciences, she has a holistic perspective on environmental issues and solutions, integrating those into the projects she works on. In this sense, Laura’s skills rely on solid data analysis to transpose these findings into policy recommendations in the field of sustainability.

Fanni Cifka


MSc. Environmental Engineer (BME)
Specialist in Energy Management (MATE)

Fanni is responsible for BREEAM certification projects and urban scale climate strategies with an experience in environmental engineering.

She gained a deep and holistic understanding of the sustainable transformation of systems with the means of environmental engineering. During her years at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, she conducted studies in municipal wastewater management technologies and rheological characterization of municipal sludge, and the environmental aspects of urban design.

Her abiding endurance and patience certainly keeps the team in balance.

Attila Kopányi


MSc. in Building Energy Design (Aalborg University)
BSc in Energy Engineering (BME)

Attila provides support for green building assessments with a specialised knowledge in dynamic building energy simulation, comfort and daylight simulation, and optimisation. As a member of ABUD’s modelling team, he elaborates building engineering concepts on a daily basis.

His education in building energy design provided him a deep and holistic understanding of the energy consumption of buildings, HVAC processes and building comfort. In his master thesis, he investigated the robustness of passive and natural cooling methods in connection with climate change.

As a true analytical thinker, Attila’s strongest motive is his curiosity: he is always looking for a combination of low impact solutions with high comfort value, in order to ensure both economic and environmental sustainability.

Péter Párdi


MSc. Environmental Management & Sustainability Science (Aalborg University)
BSc. Agricultural Engineering in Environmental Management (Corvinus University of Budapest)

As a consultant, Peti supports a wide variety of sustainability projects from building to urban scale, with a special focus on stakeholder and citizen engagement and the development of cooperative models. He is mostly involved in BREEAM certification of buildings, in addition to his participation in urban scale climate strategy development and R&D projects.

His studies in Denmark enabled him to gain a broad understanding and hands-on experience of sustainable resource management and circular economy. During these years, his interest shifted towards the dynamics of a community driven sustainable transition. Peti believes that a profound systemic change will be based on participatory decision-making and bottom-up citizen initiatives.

Kitti Párdi

Junior Researcher, currently on maternity leave

MSc in Urban Planning and Management (Aalborg University)

With deep knowledge in socio-technical transition management, Kitti provides research support in R&D projects. She is also involved in WELL certification projects, providing consultancy and assessment both in design and construction stage.

Kitti studied urban planning and management at Aalborg University: in her thesis work, she investigated urban planning tools for gender equality in cities. Kitti is involved in the exploration of social and behavioural implications of technical interventions, and the application of strategic niche management techniques in urban governance.

Kitti believes in the rediscovery of the human factor in placemaking, whether it is planning on a human scale, involving all citizens in decision making, or ensuring the spatiality of justice. Her open and perceptive personality enables her to adapt to new challenges with ease.

Hashir Usman

Junior Consultant

MSc Engineering Management (Construction Industry Specialization)
BSc Civil Engineering

As a civil engineer, Hashir supports our LEED certification and consultancy projects, with a special focus on sustainable sites, water efficiency and materials related credits. He has a specialized knowledge in BIM.

After gaining a degree in Civil Engineering, he was involved in one of Pakistan’s biggest construction project and introduced ideas of sustainable design to the management. His interest in green building grew to a dedication after he started his MSc studies in Debrecen. His scientific research was focused on how Building Information Modelling (BIM) can support the thermal comfort analysis of buildings.

Hashir embraces new challenges and never stops exploring new fields of sustainable design. In his opinion, the three main elements of sustainable design are comprehensive and integrated approach, efficient communication between stakeholders and advanced tools.





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