Cities are in the frontline of climate change, and at the same time hold the biggest potential to tackle this global challenge. We help cities shape the built, social and natural urban environments into flexible, liveable, resilient and healthy habitats.

Integrated Urban Scale Sustainability Strategy


Our multidisciplinary team helps city planners, designers and administrators to optimize complex urban scale interventions from a sustainability point of view.  

In order to create a sound goal structure, we first identify interacting problem areas through our simulation-based diagnostics system. We then transform these insights into a data- and knowledge-based, fully customized action plan. 

We always apply a cost-optimal reduction of environmental impacts, first aiming at reducing demands, then improving system efficiency, and finally meeting the remaining demands of sustainability.

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Resilient Cities


Water & Ecology
Urban comfort & Microclimate
Nature-based Solutions


Digitalization for citizen experience and empowerment
Urban intelligence
Digital twins and urban data models
Responsive urban environments

Energy Transition in Cities


Urban energy modelling
Decarbonization of energy systems
Decentralization of energy systems

People-centered cities


Sustainable communities
User experience in urban design
Leadership and organizational change