Unprecedented urban growth, climate-change and rising building standards pose new challenges to the building industry. Yet, the building sector has one of the largest potentials to significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrated Building Design


Our passion is solving complex interdisciplinary challenges and achieving sustainability in areas where conventional design methods fall short of expectations.  

Through an integrated design approach (IDP), we bring together all the key actors of the value chain to shape new or retrofit buildings along a shared vision of sustainability. 

This process enables us to optimise systems, reduce operating and maintenance costs and to minimise the need for incremental capital.

Building Performance


Energy strategy
Energy modeling
Renewable energy
Thermal envelope



Comfort and well-being strategy
Indoor environmental quality
Occupant experience



Water utility strategy
Infrastructure strategy
Water management
Raw material management
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Operational Performance


Sustainable building use
Occupant presence and actions modeling

Site & Landscape


Support of sustainable landscape design
Site ecological analysis
Nature-based solutions
Social impact analysis
Resposive urban environments, digitalization
People movement and mobility
Outdoor comfort and health