Alphagon Office Building

Sustainable Consultancy

At an early design stage, our focus was on evaluating the potential impacts of characteristically different façade and building services solutions to meet the client’s expectations with regards to energy and comfort performance (Energy Optimisation). The studies broadly classify into façade, lighting, HVAC and renewable energy technologies (GSHP, PV) to access and energy performance analysis. Additionally, setting up a complex sustainability strategy for the project addresses the certification aspirations of the client (LEED gap).

What We Did

Envelope optimisation, HVAC system evaluation, Renewable option analysis, LEED GAP Analysis (Targeted level: Gold), Pre-demolition audit, Daylight analysis, Thermal comfort analysis, Renewable energy sizing (Ground Source Heat Pump, PV panels)




Bischoff & Compagnons Property Networks GmbH

General design

Paulinyi & Partners


7,200 sqm