Biodome / Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden extension

Sustainability consultancy 

A sustainable master plan was developed for an extension of the Zoo & Botanical Garden. During the design phase, special attention was paid to water, material and energy conservation and management issues; together with the aim of reducing the local heat island effect as a result of increased green and external wetland areas where possible. As part of the project, a biodome of 34.500 sqm was designed to house tropical & sub-tropical forests and aquariums. Thoroughly modeled bioclimatic design relying on the combined effects of natural evapotranspiration, reactive architecture and building services systems allow for environmentally friendly and efficient operation.

What We Did

Holistic sustainability concept development with regards to climatic design, energy efficiency, water and material management, Assessment of on-site energy generation potential, Identification of sustainable architectural design principles, Integrated design process management




Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

General Design

Paulinyi & Partners


34,500 sqm