WATERfactory – ECOcity

Design Competition – 1st Prize

The reintegration of unoccupied brownfield zones into city life is one of the key issues of sustainable urban design. The task in the case of this project was the rehabilitation of a brownfield area which was primarily used as the Hungarian capital’s water works. It was intended to demonstrate an exemplary eco-development that tries to give an innovative answer to the two greatest problems of the 21st century: climate change and the excessive use of natural resources. During the design of an economically, naturally and socially sustainable system, the standard British sustainable design principles of One Planet – developed by WWF and BioRegional – were implemented.




Budapest Waterworks

General Design

Paulinyi & Partners


12.660 sqm

What We Did

Brownfield area rehabilitation concept, Sustainable urban design concept based on One Planet Living, Design principles, Renewable energy concept, Zero carbon, Zero waste concept, Sustainable transport concept