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Viktor Bukovszki, researcher and consultant at ABUD presented at the 3rd International Conference SSPCR (Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions 2019) on the 9-13 December, in Bolzano, Italy, representing our smart city project, SmartCEPS.

The SSPCR 2019 international conference was organised by Eurac Research – Institute for Renewable Energy – Research group for Urban and Regional Energy Systems with the aim to to support the ‘transposition’ of research into practice and visionary approaches into (planning) policies and tools, to be applied by local authorities and decision-makers in an urban and regional context. SSPCR 2019 explores the impact of academic research, the scaling-up and replicability opportunities of pilot projects, and the added value of local bottom-up initiatives, in relation to complex challenges posed by the smart city/region approach.

Viktor presented the paper "Transposing integrated data-driven urban planning from theory to practice: a roadmap for smart and sustainable cities". The book of abstracts and the summary of the research can be found here:




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